Defender Nick Richardson dribbles past a Georgetown defender (via Zach Bland/Maryland Athletics)

No. 8 Maryland draws with No. 24 Rutgers, 0-0

By Jack Parry

Maryland coach Sasho Cirovski gave the head referee an earful at the end of 90 minutes after he was just given an earful by the whole Terp squad. Usually this would be frustration that was felt after a loss, but the team still had a whole other period to play. 

A game with very few coherent chances had a couple of looks, but neither team seemed to find the advantage as No. 8 Maryland men’s soccer tied with No. 24 Rutgers in double overtime, 0-0.

Both teams lined up at the halfway mark as Tuesday night soccer began under the bright lights of Ludwig Field. In the Terps’ first ranked matchup since their only loss of the season to top-seeded Georgetown, No. 8 Maryland took on the No. 24 Rutgers Scarlet Knights as they continued to play their early slate of Big Ten games.

The game started with Rutgers being on the front foot, leading them to create two chances in the first ten minutes. Maryland looked sloppy in possession in the beginning 15 minutes, as coach Sasho Cirovski’s squad turned over the ball early and couldn’t seem to get a coherent possession in the first half. 

With both sides looking stagnant toward the middle of the first half, a few chances from the Terps looked to swing the momentum back in their favor. 

Redshirt freshman forward Joshua Bolma took on a shot from outside the box which sailed into the arms of the Scarlet Knight goalkeeper Oren Asher. Just mere seconds later in the 19th minute, midfielder Ben Bender took on a volley in the box that sailed into the student section, as the Terps looked to turn to the attack. 

With Maryland looking to build off of a fast break, Senior forward Justin Gielen took a nasty challenge in the attacking half from Rutgers defender Cole Sotack in the 32nd minute, resulting in the first yellow card of a game that looked chippy off the bat. Soltack followed this up by a promising turn with the ball in the box. 

A turn which led to Soltack tripping on himself and shanking a shot wide left. 

As the half came to a close, both sides just couldn’t seem to get past the opposing backlines to get a good finishing ball in the box. Rutgers Sophomore midfielder Gabirel Addo was everywhere on the pitch defending and attacking, helping to lessen the Terps’ offensive firepower. This left the game with a 0-0 score at halftime. 

The Scarlet Knights started off the second half with a promising chance off of a set piece as a Ritchie Barry header in the box went wide right. 

The heat from the first half didn’t die down in the second as the chippiness continued to fester. A Maryland player rocketed the ball at a Scarlett Knight when it was his throw-in, and Junior forward Hunter George had an extended conversation with Oren Asher in the 54th minute. 

As the game kept going forward, Rutgers found themselves thwarted in an interesting position in the 60th. Rutgers Sophomore forward Ola Maeland had a one on one with goalkeeper Niklas Neumann on the fast break. But the Terrapin keeper came up with an expert save with a follow up shot by Ritchie Barry blocked out of bounds, Rutgers almost found themselves with an advantage. 

With the half going on and nothing going for Maryland, a run by Gielen at the top of the box in the 68th spurred an egregious tackle by Gabriel Addo, giving the Terps a free kick right on the top of the box. Joshua Bolma stepped up, but skied the free kick, letting the chance go to waste as both teams remained tied.

To try and end the drought, Senior forward Brayan Padilla was running to his left on the top of the box and took a shot on with his favored left foot. The shot also sailed high leaving Padilla with no goal on the stat sheet in the 72nd. 

With the end of the 90 turning around, there was a major shift in the energy. Rutgers’ Jackson Temple fired a ball in the box off the right post as Niklas Neumann got bailed out by the sticks in the 84th. Then about a minute later, two shots in a row by Gielen and Padilla forced an incredible double save out of Oren Asher as the dwindling moments of the game brought about a lot more excitement. 

As the second period ended, Joshua Bolma was fouled on the edge of the box with about 15 seconds remaining. Instead of stopping the clock, the referee let the clock run, preventing the Terps from taking a promising set piece. 

This incited a wave of frustration from the Maryland sideline, one which ended up getting Justin Gielen in the book with a yellow card. A series of events that carried a lot of energy into overtime as the game remained tied 0-0. 

Overtime started with a big showing of amarillo for the Scarlet Knights, getting two of them in the first OT. Maryland’s defense showed its prowess with goalkeeper Niklas Neumann making a great save with his right foot in the bottom of the 99th minute to keep the score level going into the second overtime period. 

As the start of the second period of overtime began, home fans had to switch where they sat in the Ludwig stands for the third time during the match, as the Terps looked to find a way to not get their first tie of the season. The period had a whole lot of nothing, until a header off of a corner by Junior defender Chris Rindov in the 109th went wide left, putting the game to rest and leaving the Terps with a tie at 0-0. 

The Terps will look to continue rolling on with their Big Ten play this season as they roll into Madison on Sunday as they look to defeat the Wisconsin Badgers.

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