Loren Sefcik jostles for position (via Zach Bland/Maryland Athletics)

Maryland Women’s soccer falls to Wake Forest, 2-0.

By Olivia Janik

After two straight ties, Maryland Women’s soccer lost 2-0 to Wake Forest Sunday afternoon in Winston-Salem, N.C. 

Wake Forest gained the early lead when senior Lauren Tangney scored 21 minutes into the game. Wake Forest came into today 7-0 with 21 goals.

The Terps matched Wake Forest’s intensity in the first half with aggressive back and forth. However, they could not convert their energy into targeted shots. 

After the first half, Maryland and Wake Forest both had four shots. But Wake Forest managed to outmaneuver the Terps. 

Barely a minute into the second half, Wake Forest’s Nikayla Small made her first shot on goal. But goalkeeper Maddie Smith blocked the attempt for her first save in the game.

In the next 10 minutes, Smith had two more saves against Wake Forest’s Shayla Small and Sophie Faircloth.

Despite their strong goalkeeping in the second half, the Terps struggled offensively against the Demon Deacons’ defense. Maryland had zero shots on goal compared to 

Wake Forest’s five after the 90 minutes were up.

Maryland’s top scorers Alyssa Poarch and Emily McNesby, who have two goals each this season, did not make the trip to Winston-Salem for today’s game.

Thanks to long send-in passes and offside attacks from both sides of the field, Maryland had multiple opportunities to score. But the Terps could not rally against Wake Forest goalkeeper Kaitlyn Parks.  

Wake Forest scored its second goal of the game with just three minutes left. Jenna Menta collected her fourth goal of the season with an assist from Sophie Faircloth.

Wake Forest has yet to allow a goal this season. Their win against the Terps extends their winning streak to eight games.

Today’s game against Wake Forest was Maryland’s last non-conference game before taking on Ohio State on Sept. 19 at Ludwig Field. At the end of non-conference games, Maryland’s record is 4-1-2.