Photo credit of UM Terps

Maryland announces plans for new basketball facility

The University of Maryland will be opening a new basketball performance center, the athletic department announced on Tuesday.

The project could take roughly three years to complete. $19 million has already been raised for the project that will need around $36 million to complete. All money will be privately funded. 

The new building will be located adjacent to the Xfinity Center. The first floor will consist of player amenities with two separate practice courts and a locker area, while the second floor will consist of coaches’ offices & administration areas.

Maryland men’s basketball head coach Mark Turgeon could not contain his smile when discussing the new plans. 

“Yes! I am so excited, you have no idea” Turgeon exclaimed with his arms above his head. “An amazing day for our student-athletes.”

The added practice courts should make scheduling easier on both the men’s and women’s teams for practice times. Currently, only the Xfinity court and The Pavilion offer places for the teams to get work in. With the new center, more opportunities should be available. 

 “I have a really hard-working group. We have a great culture with our basketball program and sometimes there’s just nowhere for us to use that culture,” Turgeon said.

On top of added practice courts, there will also be an added weight room with state-of-the-art equipment. It is estimated to be four times larger than the current weight room.

“We won’t have to juggle practice times. We’re able to get extra free throws in whenever they want,” said Maryland women’s basketball coach Brenda Frese. “ I know for coach Turgeon and I, it’s a big element that will be able to separate our programs to an even higher level.”

Both programs are already at a high level. Maryland has a more than likely chance to be the only school with a men’s and women’s basketball program in the preseason top ten. This facility should help Maryland with recruiting and player development, with more opportunities for athletes to work on their game. 

“I’m all-in on this baby. We’re going to get it raised. Campus is going to be proud of it,” Turgeon said. “We’re going to get it done because we are Maryland basketball.”