The Maryland flag comes over the student section during the first quarter on Saturday. (Sarah Sopher/The Left Bench)

Maryland football program culture was abusive, but not “toxic,” report says

An external report looking into Maryland football pointed out multiple flaws, but refused to label the program toxic, according to the Washington Post.

The report found that, “The Athletics Department lacked a culture of accountability,” and failed to support Head Coach DJ Durkin with the necessary tools for someone with his lack of experience, said the Washington Post. It criticized Durkin, currently on leave, but noted that “his concern for players’ wellbeing is genuine.”

The document was incredibly critical of former strength and conditioning coach Rick Court. He was described as “accountable to no one” and pointed out that he had never received a performance review. While the report acknowledged that Court was utilizing motivational tactics, it concluded that, “there is a clear line that Mr. Court regularly crossed.” Evidence for such behavior manifested in actions such as throwing food, vomit and weights at players, as well as using homophobic slurs, the report and Post mentioned. The report summarized his behavior saying, “Mr. Court, on too many occasions, acted in a manner inconsistent with the University’s values and basic principles of respect for others.”

The report comes from an eight member commission formed by President Wallace Loh on Aug. 10. They met with the University System of Maryland Board of Regents last Friday, then decided to convene on Tuesday. At the Tuesday meeting, they delayed action until today via conference call to “further discuss the matter,” the Washington Post said.

No decisions have been made by either the athletic department or administration, and the commission has not made any recommendations on personnel decisions.