Photo Courtesy of Karl DeBlaker Photgraphy

Jacob Monk looks to prove doubters wrong at Duke, while adding to family legacy

By Adam Mizrahi

Jacob Monk has football in his blood; his father, Stanley Monk, played running back at Duke and his late uncle, Quincy Monk, played three seasons in the NFL. Coming from this football family, it makes sense that Jacob is ranked as the sixth-best center in the country by ESPN Recruiting Nation and the 27th ranked offensive guard by 247sports.

Although many would be happy with a top-10 positional rank from ESPN, Jacob Monk sees it a different way; “I clearly think I’m one of the top players in the nation and some rankings have me very low and it’s funnier than anything, but nonetheless it’s created a large chip on my shoulder,” says Monk.

Standing at 6’4”, 300 lbs,  Monk is an imposing figure on the football field. He is extremely versatile positionally; he has played center, guard, and defensive tackle throughout his high school career at Corinth Holders High School in Wendell, North Carolina.

He is in the middle of his senior year at Corinth Holders where he is coached by, among others, head coach Adam Khavari and his father, Stanley.

The recruiting process was difficult for Jacob. His father, who went through the recruiting process himself when he was attending school, noticed that Jacob was not receiving the attention he deserved.

“It started out slower than we thought, than I expected, because I think so highly of him,” Stanley Monk said. “You see other folks around that are getting recruited, again, the guys he plays with…I thought that he was better.”

Just as Jacob began to get somewhat disillusioned with the recruitment process, the offers began to pick up, according to his father.

Stanley Monk remembered a particular interaction with NC State coach Dave Doeren; he sent Coach Doeren some film of Jacob, and he called the next morning to talk about an offer.

Although he was honored to receive this unique attention only given to star athletes, Jacob said the attention doesn’t affect him.

“My personality being very laid back, I didn’t really need all of the fame and glory,” Monk said.

When Jacob finally received an offer from his father’s alma mater, he was ready to end the recruiting process once and for all.

“Duke’s staff is amazing. To me there is no better place in the nation than Duke. The degree, the football, the life after the game and the staff is just too much to pass up,” Monk said. “It’s like passing up the lottery in my eyes.”

The Monk family legacy at Duke played no part in his final decision to choose the Blue Devils, according to Jacob.

“My father choosing Duke had no weight on my decision at all,” Monk said. “He wanted me to choose the school that I felt most comfortable at and wanted me to feel good even though he hoped I chose Duke.”

With his son following in his footsteps, Stanley Monk advises Jacob to create connections with the people attending school with him at Duke.

“While you’re there, rubbing elbows with these type of people, establish these relationships because four years go really quickly,” Stanley Monk said

Jacob Monk will be starting his tenure at Duke University, and the next step of his football career in 2019.