After a knee injury derailed her freshman season, Mayv Clune is trying to redeem herself

Mayv Clune came into a University of Maryland program with high expectations, those expectations were delayed by a PCL injury she suffered before her freshman season even got started.

Clune was a highly touted high school recruit for Maryland, one that was set to be a huge difference-maker for a stacked offensive unit in 2017. She came in to Maryland as a top-five recruit in the entire country according to MAX Field Hockey.

“My biggest thing was just focusing on the sport, and not really paying attention to the accolades that came with it,” Clune said. “I just came [to the University of Maryland] to play and was really excited to play at such a high level.”

While Clune may have been prepared for the spotlight of a top-tier field hockey program, her body had different plans. In the offseason prior to her freshman season, the forward tore her PCL while playing for the United States U-19 team. She continued to play on the injured knee for three more months before finally beginning the rehab process.

“It was really hard for me at first,” Clune said. “I did not want to accept the fact that I tore my PCL. I did not want to believe that I tore it. Mentally I did what I had to do, followed my rehab and treatment. I did everything I could to put myself in the best position to be back at 100 percent.”

After suffering the injury and eventually being redshirted for the entirety of the 2017 season, Clune is now given the opportunity to make an impact on Maryland as a redshirt freshman. However, the challenge lingers of trying to compete with the new incoming class of freshman for playing time.

“I got cleared at the of May, and in June I was able to start sprinting again,” said Clune “My first game against Temple, that was my first time playing in a year-and-a-half. For me, I just really wanted to focus on the simple skills. The play is something I had to develop a little more.”

Missy Meharg has nothing but high praise for the young athlete, praising her on-field contributions have already made an impact in 2018. Meharg is looking for a substantial contribution from the young goal-scorer.

“I think she’s a really, really cognitive field hockey player,” Meharg said. “Her hockey IQ is one of the top on the team. In that regard she is patient, she knows her limitations still, she’s still getting used to her speed, her movement and her agility. I think Mayv is doing phenomenal. I think she is very confident and very comfortable in her role.”

Clune has certainly impressed Meharg early throughout the season, but the Quakertown, Pennsylvania native is working on several other goals she wants to complete before the end of her freshman campaign.

“My goal for this season is to improve as much as I can,” Clune added. “That really was hard coming back from a year-and-a-half taking off from field hockey. I think improving my game sense, my decision-making in a game, my stick work and the scoring aspect as well.”