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Maryland to conduct investigation into death of Jordan McNair

Note: The original version of the article has been updated to make corrections.

Maryland will have a “external constituent” review the series of events that occurred prior to the death of Jordan McNair, a 19-year old football player at the university, executive athletic director Damon Evans announced Thursday afternoon.

The athletic department held a press conference regarding McNair, who was hospitalized and died Wednesday after collapsing at an organized team workout on May 29.

A visibly shaken Evans, as well as head coach DJ Durkin, provided details of the workout, in addition to reflecting on McNair as a student-athlete.

According to Evans, the workout—which consisted of a “baseline conditioning activity”—started approximately 4:15 p.m. at the Gossett Team House practice field. The training was supervised by the team’s strength and conditioning staff and certified athletic trainers were present.

“Following the completion of the workouts, our trainers noticed that Jordan was having some difficulty recovering,” Evans said. “They began supporting active recovery and providing necessary care.”

According to Evans, McNair was then transferred to the team’s training room in the team house for “further observation and continued care.” The team also called medical personnel and emergency medical services transported McNair to a local hospital at approximately 6 p.m.

Evans said that since McNair’s hospitalization, the team has been in contact with outside groups to conduct an evaluation of all actions. He did not provide details as to what external constituents the team has been talking to but expressed confidence they will conduct a thorough investigation into everything that occurred at the May 29 practice.

“The prudent thing to do, and the right thing to do when a situation like this arises, is to do a review, to make sure that the proper protocols were followed,” he said.

Said head coach DJ Durkin: “Jordan was such a tremendous person. As big as he was stature wise, his heart was much bigger. There’s a whole team of players, coaches, staff, that love him very much. And for that reason, everyone is grieving right now.”


A previous version of the article had incorrect dates for the date of the press conference and death of McNair and has been corrected.