(Photo courtesy of Jordan Wells).

Armaan Franklin: Developing into dynamic

Armaan Franklin has garnered attention from several marquee basketball programs over the past year. Xavier, Louisville, Ohio State and Purdue are just some of the schools that have been in contact with Franklin on a regular basis.

However, you won’t find him boasting about those offers.

“He actually asks me to post his offers,” said Franklin’s head coach, Jason Delaney. “He’s just that kind of kid…humble.”

Just a couple of years ago, Franklin was a freshman shooting guard at Cathedral High School in Indianapolis, Indiana, whose main skill was his shooting ability off the catch. He was one-dimensional, lanky and unconfident in his ability.

However, after starting at point guard this season, Armaan Franklin knew he had to change—not only the way he played the game, but also how carried himself on the court.

Looking at him play now as junior, you would struggle to believe it is the same player from just two years ago.

“When it comes to on-court skill, he’s gotten better at everything,” said Delaney. “He’s just so much more confident.”

Delaney, who just started coaching at Cathedral this year, was excited to finally see him develop first-hand after first having seen Franklin as a freshman while coaching against him.

“He’s a coach’s dream,” said Delaney. “He’s the ultimate teammate and loves to play defense.”

As point guard for the Irish this season, Franklin had to adjust his role on the team by improving several parts of his game.

“Playing point guard this year, I took more of a vocal role,” said Franklin. “I’ve also been working on my handles and shooting off the dribble.”

Franklin not only developed his skill set, but he also developed physically. He put on nine pounds of muscle this past year and has grown from 6-foot-1 to 6-foot-5 since being in high school.

The added weight and length have made Franklin a special talent at the point guard position.

“I’m more of a scorer because of my size,” said Franklin. “It’s hard for smaller players I match up with to guard me.”

Franklin is now more efficient than ever and embraces contact when driving to the hoop.

These newfound abilities helped Franklin lead Cathedral to one of their best seasons in recent years with a record of 19-5.

“Overall, I think it was a good season for me and the team,” said Franklin. “I was able to adjust to the role of being point guard and I think I excelled in that role.”

Looking ahead to his senior season, Franklin hopes to continue to develop his skills and prove how dynamic of a player he can really be.