Photo Courtesy of Quince Orchard Athletic Department

Huge decisions await multi-sport recruit Johnny Hodges

While there are several questions that need to be addressed concerning the future of Quince Orchard linebacker Johnny Hodges, one of those issues is not a lack of options.

Hodges is scheduled to graduate in 2019 and has already received scholarship offers from Division I programs in both football and lacrosse. The junior has already committed to the U.S. Naval Academy for lacrosse as an offensive midfielder and he is just beginning the recruiting process for football.

Due to great coaching at Quince Orchard and summer teams, Hodges had the opportunity to start being recruited as early as eighth and ninth grade.

Hodges received his first football scholarship offer in late January from the University of Pennsylvania and the interest among programs is only expected to increase over the summer as he goes to camps and has a chance to meet with more recruiters.

Hodges is well aware of the challenges of potentially getting into an Ivy League school where he faces another decision of what major to pursue. His top choices are to either major in engineering or business.

“I’m a pretty stout student,” said Hodges.

The commitments to schoolwork, working out and practice are taxing, but do not overwhelm Hodges.

“Once I get on a schedule, I am really good,” said Hodges.

Hodges is in no rush to make a decision and is focused on finding the best fit overall. Despite being put in a position that difficult choice, he is happy to have played both sports and believes that it has positively affected him.

“Lacrosse gets you in really good shape, it transfers over to the football field where you are not very tired at the end of the game,” said Hodges.

Speed will continue to remain an area of focus for Hodges as he trains for his senior year on the gridiron.

Hodges began playing football in fourth grade, drawn to the physicality of the game and kept evolving as a player before making a big leap his sophomore year when he became a varsity starter.

Relying on his strength and experience, Hodges has developed as a key contributor and leader in the locker room.

“He is always going 100% in games or practices and brings a lot of energy to the team,” said Quince Orchard linebacker Tre Wade

Hodges realizes the irony of playing offense in lacrosse and defense in football.

“It doesn’t really correlate,” Hodges joked.

Despite the differences, Hodges has learned to use a similar approach for both sports and tries to stay as calm as possible.

“I remember [in Middle School] getting really upset playing lacrosse and told myself to start taking deep breaths and then I started doing it in football and it helped both of my games tremendously,” said Hodges.

Hodge’s teammates definitely notice the mindset he goes into for games.

“On the field, Johnny goes into a mood that I can’t explain and doesn’t come out of that mood until the end of the game,” said Wade.

While his parents will play a crucial role in the decision-making process, Hodges knows that at the end of the day he will make the final decision where to attend he has to weigh numerous factors. Despite all of the tough decisions to make, don’t think he regrets filling his plate as playing multiple sports and an emphasis on academics that put him in the position he is in today.