Photo Courtesy of Braedon Mowry

Braedon Mowry’s support system is leading him to the next level

For four-star defensive end Braedon Mowry, his sophomore season didn’t go as well as expected.

The Katy High School product was getting used to playing football at the varsity level, but knew that there was room for improvement.

Over the summer he started working on his speed and strength. He was working on his agility so that he could get around blockers and sack the quarterback quicker so he didn’t have to use as much energy.

Mowry initially had no interest in playing any sports, but he has a strong support system behind him, especially his mother.

“My mom inspired me to start playing,” Mowry said.

In third grade, his mother signed him up to play little league football explaining that it will help him progress as a man. He’s been playing football ever since.

That year, his mother, grandmother and Aunt Kelli pitched in to buy all of his football equipment: helmet, jersey and cleats. After his first practice, Mowry said that he wanted to quit football.

His mother, upset that she spent her hard-earned money on his equipment, told him he couldn’t quit. Now, he has an offer to play at Baylor University, his mother’s alma mater.

“She’s always done as much as she can for me, she’s always gotten me to do my best. I really didn’t feel like doing sports, but she said that football would help me progress as a man,” Mowry said.  “Ever since then I’ve never stopped playing and she’s always been there for me. It’s helped me be more humble and intellectual well-being.

“The main thing I am looking for in a school is education,” Mowry said. “I am planning on either doing chemical engineering or accounting or something business related. I told my mom that I’m going to get a degree so that she doesn’t have to worry about anything.”

Mowry’s mother couldn’t be more proud that he is going to college. “I am relieved that he will have an opportunity to attend college,” she said. “Many people do not get the opportunity to get a degree and play the sport they love.”

Mowry received 12 offers during the recruitment process so far. He has not narrowed it down to any school yet, but five schools peak his interest. Four that offered him: Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Texas and Michigan. He’s still looking at LSU though they did not present him with an offer yet.


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