Maryland senior midfielder Brooke Adler shoots it past Towson's Emilee Woodall en route to an 8-0 win. Photo by Joel Valley/The Left Bench

No. 11 Terps shutout Towson 8-0

Round one of the battle of the beltway series between the Maryland Terrapins and Towson Tigers was won by the Terps in convincing fashion with an 8-0 shutout in the Terrapin Field Hockey Invitational.

Maryland had lost its last two games on the road and was looking to come out strong to gain a win today.

“Scheduling is everything. We have opened up super strong in the last three years, and I think today you saw a lot from opening up so strong last weekend,” Maryland head coach Missy Meharg said.

They came out Friday and did just that against the tigers.

With seven minutes in the game, junior forward Linnea Gonzales scored after firing a shot into the lower left corner of the net, off of a penalty corner giving Maryland a 1-0 lead.

However, the attack did not stop.

Soon after this, Junior Forward Julie Duncan scored a goal off the side of the net to give the Terps a 2-0 lead going into halftime.

Maryland went into halftime out-shooting Towson 26-0. The Terps went on to have 58 shots and 42 shots on goal, breaking the school record for shots in a game, previously set at 51 shots in 2000 against Radford.

Towson had a rough day on the field having barely moved the ball down the field. There offense was non-existent and most of their day was spent on the defensive side. Towson goalkeeper Emilee Woodall had 15 first-half saves against the Terps. She finished with 34 saves on the day.

The Terps controlled the pace of the entire game, not allowing Towson to even attempt a shot near the goal.

The second half of play, was similar to the first half; a dominant performance by the Terps.

Forward’s Julie Duncan, Linnea Gonzales, and midfielder Lein Holsboer all scored goals within a three minute span which grew the Terps a 5-0 lead.

“After the first goal in the second half, we just kept getting the ball and started to get momentum and keep it going,” Julie Duncan said.

Going into halftime the message given to the Terps by Maryland head coach Missy Meharg was different from her usual speeches.

“This time it was a little bit different,” Julie Duncan said, “she gave us three points and left us to talk about it.”

Those three points were to work on pressing, eye contact, and gelling the connection within the team.

This message that was preached in Meharg’s halftime speech spoke the Terps as they came out of halftime and scored six goals.

This win and dominant performance from the Terps was much needed after two straight losses from the Big Ten/ACC Cup this past weekend.

Coming into this game, Meharg had a simple message to her team.

“Stay present. It’s September, not November and we will stay at it. We will be ruthless and get training at a really high tempo everyday,” Meharg said. “If we behave that way we are not concerned about the outcome.”

Although the Terps went out in a dominating fashion, they still have a lot of work to do.

With 42 shots on goal, the Terps must capitalize on those shots, in order to maintain this success. The Terps also missed passing zones, and at times missed passes close to goal.

The Terps are now 2-2 and will now move on to face the No. 10 Louisville Cardinals on Sunday morning at 11:30 a.m. which will be a thrilling matchup for all.

In order to continue this success moving forward, the Terps want to emphasize working on connection to maintain the success.

“The connection on the team gave everyone energy. We are a new team so we will continue to get that down and bring it into more games,” Gonzales said.

Towson has fallen to 0-5 and will attempt to bounce back from this crushing loss to face American University on Sunday at 2 p.m.


Isaiah Cromer

Isaiah is a sophomore Broadcast Journalism major at the University of Maryland College Park. Isaiah is a recruiting writer, editor, apart of TLB TV, and also has his own radio show on WMUC Sports.
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Isaiah is a sophomore Broadcast Journalism major at the University of Maryland College Park. Isaiah is a recruiting writer, editor, apart of TLB TV, and also has his own radio show on WMUC Sports.