Photo courtesy of Just Rivals.

Watson remains grounded despite growing attention

Being a highly-touted prospect does not take away from Torrence Watson’s charm.

It’s hard to find anybody that doesn’t enjoy the company of the four-star shooting guard from St. Louis, who has already compiled 16 scholarship offers.

The 2018 prospect is a people person. He’s energetic, loves being involved with other people and making people happy. This approach to his life does not go unnoticed, as college programs that are interested in Watson are always impressed by his authenticity.

“Everyone needs to realize what an outstanding, high-character kid this is,” Watson’s high school coach Mike Potsou said. “I think [Watson] is a great person.”

Watson truly enjoys interacting and communicating with others. As a student ambassador at his high school, he is able to really have an impact. He talks to prospective students about his high  school and advises students about the transition from middle school to high school.

“For someone as gifted and as talented as he is, who receives a lot of accolades and publicity, he is able to remain humble and think about other people,” Potsou said.  

On the court, the 6-foot-4, 175-pound shooting guard is capable of taking over a basketball game. He led the entire St. Louis metropolitan area in scoring and put up at least 40 points in four games this season. In two of those games, he recorded 19 rebounds.

His ability to score off the dribble, off the catch and with his back to the basket make him extremely tough to defend. Watson’s great court vision and awareness keeps opponents on their toes.

Despite this, Watson still has the ability to get so much better. Right now, Watson’s favorite player to watch is Kevin Durant. Watson wants to transfer the way Durant is so smooth off the catch, dribble and with his footwork into his own game.

In the past, Watson has led more by example. In the future, he envisions himself being a more vocal leader. He wants to be the best teammate and all around player possible in order to better his teammates and help his team win.

“He has unlimited potential at this point because of his desire to get better, his ability to be coached, and his sheer love and passion for the game,” Potsou said.

Watson realized he could do something with his basketball career at the end of his sophomore year, and his continued love for the game helps him stay focused as he attempts to one day reach the NBA.

“Basketball is something I always have fun with,” Watson said. “If I’m having a hard time, going to the gym just puts my body at ease.”

And if he ever needs motivation, he goes back to the fact that he can help his family out by earning a college scholarship.

“I know my parents work really hard for me to go the private school I go to now,” Watson said. “[Getting a scholarship] would be a great way to show them that they can stop working as hard.”

So far in the recruiting process, Vanderbilt, Marquette, West Virginia, Creighton, Iowa State and Kansas State have shown the most interest. The junior is not ready to narrow down his search just yet, but is looking for a program where he can form healthy and lasting relationships with high character individuals.

“He will be a great representative for any college or university that he plays for,” Potsou said.