Photo Courtesy of Sharon Penrose.

Mason Forbes looks to carry on basketball bloodline

Mason Forbes has a rich family history when it comes to basketball. His father, Sterling Forbes Jr., played for the Harlem Globetrotters and overseas. His grandfather, Sterling Forbes Sr., also played for the Globetrotters, and was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers in 1960. With three other siblings that play as well, Forbes has grown up in a household that revolves around basketball.

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“It’s really in our bloodline,” Forbes said. “It’s just something that comes naturally to us … It’s always been apart of our life. I’ve been walking to the gym since I was born.”

“He fell in love with the game at an early age and has gotten better and better each year,” Forbes Jr. said.

Donning a similar red, white and blue jersey that likens that of the Globetrotters, Forbes, a three-star power forward from Folsom (Calif.), has began to carve out his own basketball legacy. The junior forward has offers from nine schools, including Harvard, Hawaii and Nevada. Forbes said he plans to wait through the summer and potentially make a decision on college going into his senior basketball season.

While the Globetrotters are known for their theatrics, finesse and spectacular ball-handling skills, Forbes is the complete opposite.


“I would describe myself as a very versatile, aggressive player, you know, that does all the scrappy things,” Forbes said. Almost like a Draymond [Green]-type player.”

As Forbes preps for his senior year, he hopes to round out the rest of his game.

“Developing my outside shot,” Forbes said of his personal goals, “so I can be a consistent knockdown three-point shooter because that can really open up my game. I already have an inside game so if I get that, there’s no limits to where I can go.”

Forbes has lofty team goals, as well.

“As far as high school season goes, I want to work to get a state championship,” Forbes said. “That’s a big one that I want to accomplish before the end of my high school career.”

Forbes hasn’t whittled down his list of offers yet, but he acknowledged the advice that his father can offer him throughout the process.

“My dad has travelled all over the world so he’s had these experiences too,” Forbes said. “It’s really good because he can be a great mentor to me.”

Although Forbes Jr. has been around many great players, he noted that his son has a golden opportunity.

“I honestly feel that if he continues to work hard and keep his work ethic, not only on the court but in the classroom, I think he has a good opportunity to do something real special and even surprise himself,” Forbes Jr. said.

While basketball is important to Forbes, he emphasized the role it it has off the court.

“Basketball is a big part of my life and has helped me grow significantly,” Forbes said. “Just the connections you make with people, you build relationships and you learn about other people quickly. Working as a basketball team…builds bonds with people and relationships and creates relationships that can’t be recreated in any other situation.”