Four-star Tim Finke’s dynamic ability gets him noticed

On the court, Tim Finke, four-star recruit from Champaign Central High School is a phenom.

Standing at 6-feet-6 and 195 pounds, he splits his time between shooting guard and small forward. Finke’s stature and dynamic playing ability is similar to Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards, who coached Finke last summer.

“It was awesome having Brad Beal as a coach,” Finke said. “Learning from a pro is a unique experience that many high schoolers do not get.

“I will forever cherish that.”

But when the Champaign, Illinois, resident is not playing, he enjoys fishing and playing guitar. His favorite pastime is the guitar and he likes to play songs by Ed Sheeran and John Mayer songs.

“I have been playing guitar since my freshman year. I chose it to play as a class to get an easy A, but now, I found that I love it to play, especially on my own,” Finke said.

The guitar has given Finke the same joy basketball does.

The high school junior has been playing basketball ever since he was a little kid, playing at the YMCA since a young age.

“I always had a ball in my hand,” Finke said.

Finke enjoys “going at it every single day and working with my teammates.” This same hard-working mentality applies to his workout regimen of “morning lifts, shooting drills in the gym, stationary shooting drills and agility drills.”

“I can shoot it, dribble and get to the rim,” Finke said. “I feel like I have gotten stronger, so I rebound better and play better defense.”

Although last season did not go as he would have liked, he is optimistic that he can become a more well-rounded player this offseason.

“Last season … we did not get everything accomplished that we had planned, but personally, I thought I played well,” Finke said. “I want to win state this year. I also want to become a better shooter and more comfortable with the ball.”

So far, he is enjoying the recruiting process and is grateful for his opportunities. Finke makes a point to “keep in touch with my coaches and let them know my progress.”

As only a junior, Finke is not yet in the most stressful part of the process. However, he knows “it’s coming sooner or later.”

Thanks to his skill and variety on the court, Finke has attracted the interest of numerous top-tier college programs including No. 9 Oregon, Boston College, Creighton, DePaul, Illinois, and Ohio State.

Because Finke is only a junior, he is still focused on high school, and is unsure what he will pursue in college.

Someone very special to him would be pleased about his offer from Illinois. This is his brother, Michael Finke, who currently goes there and who Tim Finke sees as “my biggest mentor throughout this process.”

Tim Finke thanks his family for giving him the drive to improve and grow as a basketball player.

“My family motivates me to become the best player I can be,” he said. “My dad has been there for me every step of the way.

“It means a lot that he is always there for me.”

Finke’s father has enjoyed seeing his son develop as a player and noted his dedication.

“He is a hard worker … I never have to question his work ethic or his character,” Jeff Finke said about his son.

“He always comes to the gym, always looking to compete and get better.”