Wayne Jones: For his mother

Feature photo courtesy of Wayne Jones.

With his family in mind, Wayne Jones spends the majority of his free time developing himself as a football player. He is constantly pushing himself with different workouts including defensive back drills, speed training and footwork drills.

While Jones is grinding to become a better football player, his mom is working long hours as a nurse practitioner.

“From about 7:30 in the morning to about eight at night. Half the time she doesn’t get off at eight. She gets off at nine. She’s all over the place. Sometimes it will take her 10 minutes to get home, sometimes 45.”

Although his mother is not home for a good portion of the day, the three-star safety out of Owasso High School (Okla.) said they remain close, mentioning that they always find time to talk when she is not at work.

Jones says he wants to do more for his mom. As the second of four children, he is playing football for his mother as well.

Jones is motivated to erase those long and grueling hours out of his mom’s day.

“I just don’t want my mom working because she works hard right now, but when I get older, if I do make it to the NFL, I would want to take care of her where she doesn’t have to work. Where she can relax and sort of enjoy the rest of her life.”

When asked about what he would do for his mom if he made it to the NFL, Jones said:

“Move her to whatever team I was on. Move her to that state and city and get her a nice house. Pay the bills. If she needs a car, I’d get her a car. And I know she likes purses. I’d get her a purse.”

Jones’ longing to give back is no surprise. His former head coach, Bill Patterson, commented on the exceptional young man that his former player has become.

“I’ve coached for 39 years. I don’t hesitate when I say this. He very well may be the best person I’ve ever coached.”

Jones looks to avenge what he said to be the team’s worst season since he started playing at the high school level. His team finished with a record of 3-7.

“I want to lead my team better than I did last year.”

Looking ahead to college, the junior safety currently has eight offers. Oklahoma State and Kansas State are schools he says stand out to him.

Wherever he lands, Coach Patterson says the school will be lucky to have him.

“They’re going to have not only a very good football player for four years, but they’re going to have a very good citizen that’s going to really be a strong ambassador for their program and the community.”

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