Devin Newton: From struggles to success

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Devin Newton, three-star point guard from Euless, Texas, is at the apex of a basketball career that has been interjected with adversity.

Despite living in California for a few years, Newton is a born and bred Texan, now in his senior season playing for Trinity High School.

Newton embodies the image of Southern politeness. Beginning every response with “yes, ma’am,” Newton described his rocky journey as a basketball player.

Although he’s now ranked in the top 20 Texas recruits according to ESPN, Newton has had to rebound from a few injuries over his high school career. After he fractured his hip and dislocated his knee, Newton didn’t play an entire season without interruption until his junior year.
The 6-foot-3, 165-pound Newton underwent extensive physical therapy, overcoming his injuries to come back his junior season. During that season, he was so impressive that he received four Division I offers.

Newton currently has offers from Boston College, Louisiana-Lafayette, Cal State Northridge, and UC Riverside.

Not planning to make a decision until the late period, Newton said that he’s still open to any recruiting opportunities at this point since has not made a final list yet.

“I just want a great atmosphere, a great coaching staff,” he said about his ideal program, emphasizing wanting a school where he’ll feel like he’s part of a family.

Family is important to Newton, who named both his parents as his biggest supporters because they push him both on and off the court. His mom taught him how to code HTML and he has a contract with his dad regarding his grades.

“If I don’t have a 3.5 [GPA] or higher I can’t play basketball,” Newton said. He doesn’t mind the deal, however, and said school is relatively easy for him.

Newton’s close relationship with his parents is punctuated by the loss of his brother when Newton was only 9 years old.

His brother, who was 14 when he passed away, played basketball too. Newton now wears a chain necklace that belonged to his brother during every game.

“I always wear that chain. Even thinking about him just gets me pumped during the game, because he can’t even play anymore.”

Playing for the memory of his brother is a strong motivation for Newton, who is a star defender.

His coach, Dash Harris Sr., said that Newton is a first-class defensive player and a great team member, a quality that some young players lack. Calling Newton’s defense “elite,” Harris went on to explain why Newton is also an elite leader and teammate.

“You don’t see kids his age who are willing to pass first and shoot second,” Harris said. “When I had him on my team, it was because he could build chemistry.”

Always willing to make the play that will be the best for the team, not just for his personal gain, Newton hates to lose — and not just in basketball.

“I hate losing in the game of Monopoly,” he joked.

Despite his strong aversion to losing, Newton makes sure to keep things in perspective when it comes to basketball. He firmly believes in what his dad once told him when he said, “you never go for being second best, you always go for being the best.” Nonetheless, Newton still he tries to stay grounded while still aiming for success.

“I can’t let basketball become more important than me or my family,” Newton said.

His coach hopes this well-rounded mindset will benefit Newton going forward. Always a student before an athlete, Harris believes Newton will be a steal for his college of choice.

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