Chance Brewington defies odds in his first two years of competitive football

Feature photo courtesy of Megan Mollett.

Some of the best football recruits have been playing since they were in pee wee: they grew up with the game. Chance Brewington is a completely different story.

Chance grew up a baseball player because of his father, Jamie, who briefly pitched in the MLB with the San Francisco Giants and Cleveland Indians. Chance has played baseball most of his life, including for the varsity team in high school.

However, it was at Hamilton High School where things changed for Chance. He picked up basketball and played for the varsity team, but in his sophomore year when he found his niche: football.

Other than playing some flag football as a kid, Chance had never played the sport competitively before. However, his father and basketball coach encouraged him to try out for the team.

“My dad wanted to challenge me to see if I was fit for football and I think I turned out fine,” Chance said.

He ended up making the varsity roster, but was sidelined due to an injury. Junior year was Chance’s first opportunity to show his skills, and now he’s a three-star wide receiver, something he never thought could happen.

“It was just the realization that I was gonna be one of those players who were being recruited,” Chance said.

Not only did his father and coach convince him to start playing football, but just going to Hamilton changed his fate as well.

“Going to Hamilton, which is a football school, I always heard things about the football team and seeing all the state championship banners around the school, I might as well try to be a part of it,” Chance said. “Also, most of my friends prior to that were football players.”

So far, Chance has received several offers, with Utah State and San Jose State being the frontrunners as of now. However, he said that he isn’t close to making a decision yet.

“I want to take all my official [visits] once football season is over,” Chance said. “I’ll be able to really sit down and break down each school and see what I like, see what I don’t like.”

As for his major in college, Chance said that he is currently undecided, but has looked into several fields.

“I have some ideas, but I haven’t really narrowed it down yet,” Chance said.

When it comes to football, Chance is one of the hardest-working players on the field.   

“He’s got more drive than anyone I’ve been around,” Jamie said. “He loves working out. He loves lifting. He loves to watch tapes and study receivers and quarterbacks to see what they do.”

Off the field, however, Chance is quite different.

“He’s a quiet kid. He keeps a lot of stuff inside him, and I guess that’s what drives him,” Jamie said.

Chance grew up in a sports oriented household, and it is his father who has become the greatest influence on him as an athlete.

“He’s molded the athlete I am just by hard work and how I approach things,” Chances said. “I’ve brought it upon myself to be a better athlete than he was.”

Chance will keep that mentality as he completes his senior year and prepares for his next endeavour: college.

Edited by Noah Johnson.