Photo courtesy of Andrew Platek

Andrew Platek: Playing for more than a scholarship

Feature photo courtesy of Andrew Platek. 

Northfield, Massachusetts native Andrew Platek has had a ball in his hands ever since he was three years old. Whether it was dribbling, catching or throwing, Platek said he was always doing something with a ball.

Now a junior at Northfield Mount Hermon, the 6-foot-4-inch, 190 pound shooting guard has made a name for himself through his tough defense and sharp shooting on the court. Platek helped lead Mount Hermon to its first New England (NEPSAC AAA) Championship in four years. His efforts have earned him several offers from schools like North Carolina, Davidson, Butler, Penn State, Harvard and Yale.

“Recruiting has been going well,” Platek said. “I’ve been getting some new calls on my line. It’s a great process.”

Platek isn’t sure where he wants to play yet, but he said academics are an important factor in his decision process. In 2015, Northfield Mount Hermon was ranked #25 on MSN’s list of the 50 most elite boarding schools in the country.Platek said he wants to go to a college where he can get a quality education and play basketball at a high level without sacrificing one for the other.

“I go to one of the best academic and basketball schools in the country,” Platek said. “Education has always been important to me and it has always been a value for my family and I.”

Patrick Neary, the vice president of Platek’s AAU team, the Albany City Rocks, said Platek’s success on the court comes from the high level of confidence he has in himself and his abilities. He said Platek loves being the underdog and showing others that he isn’t just a shooter.

“Andrew is probably the most underrated defender in Nike’s Elite Youth Basketball League (EYBL) right now,” Neary said. “He’s not a one-trick pony. There’s a lot that he does well.”

Despite his strengths, Platek admitted that he would still like to improve his ball handling so he can play either guard position in college.

“I’ve been learning to play the point guard position as well as playing the shooting guard position because I know that’s a transition a lot of players make in college,” Platek said. “I’m just working on those things everyday to try to expand my game.”

Platek said his biggest motivation on the court is his mentor, Jeanna Cornetti, who taught him about basketball from a young age. She got him interested in the sport and told Platek he could be great at it. Cornetti passed away last year after suffering from pulmonary embolism, but Platek said she still holds a special place in his heart.

“She continues to be my motivation even after her passing,” Platek said. “I do this for her, as well as my family.”

Looking toward his senior season, Platek said he wants to not only win back-to-back league titles with Northfield Mount Hermon, but also the National Prep Championship.

Platek and his Mount Hermon teammates made it to the National Prep Championship semifinals last season, but lost to eventual champion Hargrave Military Academy. Platek has high hopes that his team will find success next season, but he isn’t too concerned with individual achievements.

“Whatever personal accolades and whatever my accomplishments are during the season will just be representative of our team’s effort as a whole,” Platek said. “So I’ll just take what comes to me.”

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Juan Herrera

Juan Herrera

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I am a recruiting writer at The Left Bench. I'm a big Manchester United, Packers, Baltimore Orioles and Washington Wizards fan; it's a weird mix. Philip Merrill College of Journalism, University of Maryland, Class of 2018.
Juan Herrera
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I am a recruiting writer at The Left Bench. I'm a big Manchester United, Packers, Baltimore Orioles and Washington Wizards fan; it's a weird mix. Philip Merrill College of Journalism, University of Maryland, Class of 2018.