Domenic Perretta: Winning is everything

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For some, running track and field means the world to them, but what separates Domenic Perretta from the pack is his obsession with winning.

“The other kids I always talk to at the meets they love the sport and love everything about it” Domenic said.  “They come up to me saying ‘I’m aiming for 3rd place’ or something, but I don’t want to be like one of those people, if I go out there on the track I’m just trying to win, I’m not trying to lose.”

Domenic Perretta, of Beaver Falls High School, credits most of the success that he has accumulated to his desire of wanting to win. He never wants to be outworked and loves competing.

“I want to win so bad, pretty much there isn’t any losing.” he said. “In my head, if you don’t win then why are you even running?” he adds, ““I know somebody is out there running right now, I know somebody is doing them pushups right now. I need to go do more than them.”

Domenic Perretta, a relative newcomer to the sport of track and field, described how he started his running career not lacking the confidence in himself and knowing he can still go out there and compete although he no prior experience running.

“In 9th grade, I was just sitting there passing out Popsicle sticks to the cross country team because the school was paying us to pass out Popsicle sticks. I was like yea I need $15; I’ll go pass out Popsicle sticks,” Perretta described. “After the race I said to myself, ‘I feel like I can do this, I feel like I can run cross country’ and I started midway through that season.”

After failing to reach his expectations in his first cross country season, he followed that up the next year with a fourth place finish in his district at the state championships. This was in the 800-meter event. He also won in the 1600-meter run and came in second place in the 3200-meter run.

“That’s when I realized I can do this. That was kind of like crazy for me that was only my second year running. I knew after that, I needed to go back and do it again,” Domenic said.

In his third season, Domenic knew it was time to turn it up a notch and lower his PR’s. That season, he ran whenever he had the opportunity and ran as hard as he could. However, his coach knew the importance of resting and constantly reminded him to take it easy.

“You can’t go all out every single day; you’ve got to give your body a rest some days,” Coach Amy Taylor said.

Later that season, Domenic went on to win states once again in the 800-meter dash and 1600-meter run and lowering his personal record (PR) from 1.52.72 to 1.51.27 and 4.19.14 to 4.13.92.

Domenic knows how impressive his accomplishments might seem to most but he says that he’s not done. His main goal, which he has had since he started running track, is to break 1.50 in the 800-meter dash.

“If I do not break 1.50, running is a bust for me in my high school career” Domenic said.

After completing his high school career this spring, Domenic says that he is planning to take his talents to Pennsylvania State University. He had numerous offers to choose from, including Pittsburgh and Michigan, before deciding Penn State was his best fit.

Domenic says the recruiting process was a special moment in his life that he would never forget; it was like a dream come true for him.

“In ninth grade I never pictured this happening to me ever in my life. I always dreamed about coaches coming to my house. So when it started happening it was crazy.”

What stood out to him about Penn State were the beautiful campus, great teammates, and wonderful coaches it had. The coach at Penn State has coached a professional 800-meter-runners and he hopes that one day he can also go pro as well.

“I trust there coach because they had Casimir Loxsom and he is professional now, so if he can turn him into a pro I’m hoping he can turn me into one as well.”

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