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This was a very strong bracket that featured some of the best teams in North Carolina. Every team had their stars, and there were plenty of breakout performances over this four-day event. Here’s a recap of the David West Bracket going team-by-team.

Ravenscroft took the title with a hard fought win over Terry Sanford. Michael Okauru had 14 points, Chris Barnette had 16 points and 3 assists while Ian Dubose had 10 off the bench. Tyler Williams had 13 points to go with 5 rebounds.

Broughton (2-1)

Host Broughton did pretty well, showing incredible resolve from their opening game loss to Ravenscroft. They were able to come back to beat Apex and a tough Leesville Road squad.

Tharon Suggs, the senior leader, was hitting his shots from well behind the three-point line. Suggs showed determination and leadership throughout the tournament.

Jack Hemphill, Aaron Gottfried, Will Baldwin and Jalen Finch played well, but the spark came from sophomore Jeremy Robinson off of the bench. Robinson provided both scoring, rebounding and energy for the Capitals.

Broughton has a lot to be proud of from this tournament and should have a great second half of the season.

Ravenscroft (3-0)

Kevin Billerman has to be proud of how his team has performed. This team is a roster of guards and only guards. A school that is used to be being more traditional with its lineup has been able to adjust their offense and not only be able to stay with their opponents, but beat them down as well. This is a team that has beat a 6-feet-9-inch Jay Huff led Voyager squad twice, both times by at least 20 points.

This team is led by Michael Okauru, a junior point guard who has vastly improved since the last tournament. He blew by everyone who tried to guard him in one-on-one situations and was able to create opportunities for himself and his teammates.

Douglas Elks and Ian Dubose have also developed into great shooters. When they get their feet set it’s a good bet that the shot is going up and in. Dubose has also done a great job with interior defense. While he’s 6-feet-3-inches at the most, he is often in charge of guarding the other teams biggest player. Elks doesn’t take a possession off on offense or defense, he is always in a defensive stance and is one of the more high energy players in this tournament.

Sophomore Chris Barnette also played outstanding all tournament, scoring 16 in the title game to propel Ravenscroft to a win over Terry Sanford.

Apex (1-2)

Apex has had better performances in this tournament, but this is more about the competition level in this bracket rather than their overall talent. Voyager was a bad matchup for them strategy wise.

Seniors Colin Molden and Ian Boyd are the batteries of that whole team. They are the creators of that offense. Molden is a very good drive-and-dish point guard who can beat you from deep as well. He’s a tough kid who will make the coach who signs him lucky.

Ian Boyd is one of the strongest perimeter players in this whole tournament. A wide receiver and strong safety on the gridiron, Boyd is used to contact, and it shows on the court. He had a 33 and 13 one game with a lot of free throws to boot.

Voyager (1-2)

Voyager is a team with some talented pieces that will no doubt use this tournament as a learning experience. Jay Huff is the star of the team, and had a triple-double against Garner. His length and shooting ability allowes him to get his shot off against anybody while his wingspan makes anyone trying to get a close bucket a tall task.

The other two weapons on this Vikings team are China Jones and Chance Greene. Jones is a highflyer with a good midrange game and a constantly developing perimeter game.

I was impressed with Greene. He is the type of player that makes everyone around him better. He is often the smallest player on the court but the quickness, court vision and long range shooting makes him a player who would absolutely burn you.

Especially if you overlook him.

Garner (2-1)

One of the most athletic teams in this tournament, head coach Eddie Gray has a pretty good team once again. This year Garner is lead by junior guard Thomas Allen. Allen lit up Voyager Academy for 40 points and showed the ability to beat teams from outside and inside.

Alex Reed and Davon Newton were also excellent for the Trojans. Reed showed great versatility this tournament. In addition, he proved he possesses great strength, quickness and the ability to bully defenders.

Newton is very deadly in transition, his ability to get to the rim and finish among the trees is up there with the best in this bracket.

Panther Creek (0-3)

This team is relatively young and it showed this tournament. The bright spot was Juan Munoz. Munoz is one of the best passers in this bracket and the tournament overall. He tried his best with this young, inexperienced squad.

Munoz never gave up in any of the three games. It was inspiring to watch, and he will be hard to replace when he leaves the Catamounts.

Terry Sanford (2-1)

One of the more athletic teams in the bracket, Terry Sanford is led by the backcourt of Telligence Johnson and Malik Johnson. The Johnsons compliment each other very well as both are good shooters and able to pass with efficiency. Sometimes one has a better game than the other, but that is the luxury of having two nearly identical players in your backcourt.

Leesville (1-2)

This Leesville team has youth and a lot to be proud of. Freshmen D.J. Horne and Jaylen Benjamin played well for freshman being thrown into this large atmosphere.

The team leaders are Jonathan Mebane and Alex Hunter. Hunter is one of the quickest players in this entire tournament. Him and Mebane provided most of the scoring load for the Pride. The best part about them is that they are both juniors.


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