Travez Moore chooses LSU over TCU

Feature photo courtesy of Travez Moore.

Football had never even crossed Travez Moore’s mind when he started at Bastrop High School in Bastrop, Louisiana. Now in his senior year, Moore has just committed to play football for LSU.

That’s a huge leap for someone who didn’t start playing football until his sophomore year in high school. Moore credits his brother, Larecus Moore, for getting him started in football. Larecus, just like Travez today, played linebacker for Bastrop High before he graduated in 2012.

Moore’s quickness and speed are his biggest strengths on the field. He ran track during his junior year, which helped him hone in on those traits.

“I play fast and relentless on both sides of the field and I always look to adjust,” Moore said.

That is clearly evident when watching his highlight tape, as he is quick off the edge and constantly disrupts plays. Moore also takes snaps on the offensive side of the ball as a tight end. This further solidifies his claim that he is a true athlete.

“I would classify myself as an athlete,” he said. “I can play on both sides of the ball.”

A Texas native, Moore also considered TCU and South Carolina, but ultimately both schools lost out to LSU. He admitted, though, that playing for TCU would have been a good option.

“Being from Texas, it is always a dream to play for your hometown team, but once I saw LSU and what they have planned for me, I went with LSU,” Moore explained.

Primarily playing on the defensive side of the ball, the defensive schemes of his future college was a factor he had to account for.

“I like the defense over at LSU and I really like what Coach Miles has planned for me at outside linebacker and defensive end,” Moore said.

Between LSU and TCU, it was a tight race to the very end. Moore said it was hard decision to make and admitted he was close to picking TCU, but in the end LSU and their well-known, tough defense prevailed.

“I could see myself playing in both defenses, but in the end I fell in love with LSU,” Moore elaborated.

The schemes and style of play weren’t the only thing Moore considered when he made his choice. He said location was not a factor but his parents wanted him to stay close to home.

Moore’s parents, Travis and Sheva Moore, have been his two biggest supporters since he was kid. They let him make this choice primarily by himself and were undoubtedly excited about his commitment.

“They let me make the choice pretty much on my own and they supported it no matter where I picked, but they did say they wanted me to stay close,” Moore said.

Another factor that was key to Moore in making his decision was the feeling and community surrounding the college.

“I want to feel comfortable,” Moore explained. “I’m looking for a good community.”

One thing that was not important for Moore when making this choice was the current success of the programs. LSU and TCU, his two finalists, have done well the last few seasons, but he said that it is not a factor.

“Things can change by the time I come in and we might not be as good right away, I’m just looking to build up the program to the best of my ability,” Moore said.

Moore had also been in contact with another LSU commit, the second-ranked safety in the national Eric Monroe, out of Houston. Moore talked to Monroe last week, and according to Moore they talked about how dominant they would be as a defense. Moore even went on to say that this was one of the things that sold him on LSU.

Moore is the 35th rated player in the state and is the 19th commitment for the Tigers for 2016.