Watch out, Trevon Abdullah is on the rise

Update (9/3/2015): Trevon Abdullah has committed to Nevada.

As the AAU period comes to an end, many high school basketball players are hoping their performance this summer was enough to garner interest from college coaches who could possibly offer them. One player who has been assured of his performance is 2017 small forward Trevon Abdullah. The 6-foot-five-inch sophomore did not just pick up one or two offers, but collected a total of 16 this summer. Abdullah has practically conquered the Big Sky and Mountain West Conferences, with the two accounting for 11 of his 16 offers.

“I’ve got the Big Sky Conference and the Mountain West Conference,” he said. “Next year, I want to get the Pac-12.”

The goals do not end there for Abdullah. Academics are also important for the incoming junior as he said he plans to maintain at least a 3.25 GPA. His current game is a comparable style to that of NBA star Dywane Wade, but he said he is hoping to grow more similar to his favorite player, Russell Westbrook. Abdullah also said he would like to take his extreme recruiting increase to the next level by becoming an All-American by his senior year. With his size, strength and athleticism combined, Abdullah very well could end up being one of the best players in his class, especially with his commitment to improvement.

“I have to start shooting with more confidence,” said Abdullah, “I don’t take enough shots. I think too much.”

While he is still working on his shot, few would doubt that  Abdullah is built to be a talented basketball player.  His build enables him to play at both forward spots and at the 2-guard, which is the type of versatility all coaches love to see. When he switches to the shooting guard position, his size allows him to overpower smaller defenders, giving him a major advantage.

“My size sticks out to coaches,” he said, “I’m just 6’5, but I do have a nice body frame.”

When it comes to his future college, Abdullah has just begun looking into the schools that have offered him. He said he wants to play at a school that runs an up-tempo system where he is given the opportunity to run the floor. Abdullah also made it clear that he does not care about the location of his future college because the one thing that matters it that he can be at a place where he can put all of his focus on playing basketball.

“Honestly, it’s all about environment, my relationship with the coaches, my teammates, and the team,” he said. “It is really all about how I feel and what I decide is the best for me. I need to be there to focus, and I don’t want anything to get me off track.”

With two more years left in his high school career, there is absolutely no doubt that Abdullah has the chance to accomplish major things, and he used five perfect words to describe that.

“My senior year, watch out.”