Tyler Bey: Hustling his way to stardom

Feature photo courtesy of Tyler Bey.

By Alec Neimand

In an era where small ball basketball is becoming more and more important, colleges may want to start looking toward Tyler Bey out of the class of 2016. The 3-star recruit from Las Vegas High School is a 6-foot-7-inch power forward who is beginning to make a bigger name for himself. Bey offers upside on both ends of the court that few other players can. He has already established himself as a dominant defensive player, averaging 2.3 blocks per game, but where he really becomes enticing is in his offensive game. Every single night, Bey has the potential to explode for  major scoring due to the relentless effort he puts forth and his high energy play style.

“My biggest skill is my high motor and my hustle,” said Bey.

Bey’s high motor allows him to run the floor as well as anyone in the nation, and his combination of extreme athleticism, long arms and efficient shooting make him a deadly threat right around the rim, which he said makes his game comparable to Deandre Jordan. He broke out as a true star for the Las Vegas Wildcats this past year, averaging 16.9 points per game and 7.1 rebounds, while leading his team to the Sunrise Division semifinals.

“I do my job,” he said, “I just do whatever coach needs me to do.”

Even though Bey appears to have an extremely complete game, he is still working hard to improve. The rising star said that he needs to improve his ball handling skills, which would be extremely beneficial to a player like Bey, who dominates when running the floor in transition. Northern Arizona is the first school that has made Bey an offer, which he said he has looked into and liked the program, however other offers are sure to come as well. Bey also said he has been in talks with Washington, Gonzaga, California State Bakersfield and University of San Francisco. When it comes time for him to decide on what college he wants to continue his career at, he said the play style would be a major factor.

“Location does not matter to me at all,” said Bey, “I’m just looking to go where I fit best and a team that runs the floor a lot.”

Small ball, fast-paced offenses have become increasingly more common in the college game, and any program that runs that type of system would be lucky to have a guy like Bey on their team. He offers the versatility to guard multiple positions, play the four or the five and push the ball in transition. The improvement he has shown throughout his high school career should mean another big season could be ahead of him for his senior year, and it would be no surprise if a major college program offered him. As for his final season of high school, Bey has some goals he would like to accomplish.

“I want to get as many double doubles as I can,” he said.

With his motor and versatile skill set, there is no reason that Bey will not be able to accomplish that goal. Watch out for Tyler Bey in 2016, as the forward is hustling his way into stardom.