The freshest and ugliest jerseys in the NBA

To the casual fan, a remodel of their favorite team’s jersey means something new to buy. New colors, may be a different shade or even a fresh color for them to get used to watching.

But an updated jersey is way more than that. A change in uniform is symbolic of a new era in the franchise.

Maybe a young star has come to town.


Maybe an old star has left… and came back.


Or maybe a modern trend just showcases how long you have been in the league.

Kofie Yeboah and Jake Brodsky are here to take on some of the recent uniform changes across the league that will be implemented next season




Jake Brodsky: I really don’t like these. To me, it looks like Hot Wheels and McDonald’s teamed up to design them, then they colored them in, holding them over granite for texture. I really like the Hawks’ decision to rebrand with the new ownership, I just wish they had found a way to do that without looking like a futuristic alarm clock. To be honest, if I were forced to choose between last year’s jerseys and these, I would say don’t change. Overall, I give these a D.

Kofie: As a fan of flashy uniforms, these aren’t that bad until you get to the neon numeral and the neon shoelace. The Hawks are going in a new direction, as evidenced by the change in logo and the court change last year. I don’t mind the texturing, it just looks like they didn’t consider the color scheme as as much. No matter what colors a team uses, neon will always override the color scheme. If you change the numeral color to the color of the “Atlanta” it’s fine. B for effort… C for overall aesthetic.




Jake Brodsky: I love these. The jersey’s color theme actually comes from things representative of the city, according to the Bucks’ website.  The cream might be my favorite part of the jersey both for the color and the fact that they incorporated the city’s nickname into the jersey (Milwaukee is the Cream City). Also I love the new logo that places emphasis on the city and state. This is my favorite redesign of the offseason.

Kofie Yeboah: These are amazing for numerous reasons.The Bucks are focusing more on the city of Milwaukee and away from the actual mascot. This new logo will be the one most remembered for this new era of the Bucks, who were the worst team in the 2013-2014 season.The future is looking bright with 20-year-olds Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jabari Parker at the helm, and the jerseys complement this new era nicely. A for effect. A+ for aesthetic. 




Jake: This might be the laziest logo I have seen in a long time. I mean, how hard was it to draw a “C” then put “LA” inside? No matter what they paid the designer, it was too much. That being said, the new uniforms were not entirely disasters. The white ones are by far my favorite and are actually a uniform that I like, rather than just not hating. The blue, on the other hand, are just that: not offensively bad, but by no means are they good. The red jerseys are honestly terrible. My immediate reactions: a) this is the ugliest jersey in the NBA b) they look like something a DIII college would wear and c) they look like summer league jerseys or warm ups.

Kofie: I will analyze these uniforms by color.

White: These ones are decent. It’s hard to mess up the word Clippers unless it’s in Wingdings or something.

Blue: Also not bad. The Clippers have one of the best colorways in the NBA, and they can rarely do wrong with it. The jerseys without the logo are sick actually.

Red: Mother of God. When has it ever been OK to place the logo next to the number like that? These look like volleyball uniforms – or some of the old jerseys that I played rec league in. I just can’t see people willingly buying these.

Black: These look like summer league jerseys. There’s nothing wrong with them, it’s just that they do.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I will miss the powder blue sleeved ones if those do go in the vault. Those were one of the few sleeved jerseys that made me excited when a team was wearing them. I’m kidding – I like most of the sleeved jerseys but not because of the sleeves. I like the NBA’s willingness to experiment with new designs every now and then. They are mostly hit-or-miss, but I love that they are willing to try.


New Uniforms:

Jake: These jerseys are straight fire emoji. While the Bucks get my pick for redesign of the offseason, I still love these new duds for Philly. To be honest, the only way to make me like these more is if the team were to magically start to win while they wore these. The word choice of “Phila” on the front is slick, and the choice to take parts of uniforms from the past is always solid. These jerseys have a classy and nostalgic – but not tacky – feel to them. My favorite feature by far is the stars up the sides of the uniforms. If only Jahlil Okafor were as excited about these as I am.

Kofie: These are great. The Sixers/Clippers colorway is one of the best in the league. The sixers just beat the Clippers. The stars and stripes thing is pretty cool. They are not as cool as the black Iverson ones, but the new change should give fans something to excite them.


Jake: These are all right. The thing I really like about them is that they came from a fan contest. Major props to Mark Cuban for letting the fans design their alternate jersey.

Kofie: I love it. It’s a mix of the Nash and Nowitzki days and the newer ones.


Jake: At first I was against these, but I’ve started to warm up to them. The “Blank City” uniform is not a new trend, and we have seen it before in “Rip City” (Portland) and “Motor City” (Detroit). The biggest thing I dislike about these is the sleeves; Without the sleeves, these would be among the best alternates in the NBA, and now, they’re average at best. I do, however, like the blue streak down the side of the jersey.

Kofie: I am from Raleigh, North Carolina, and I have never heard Charlotte referred to as Buzz City. Maybe that’s because they were the Bobcats when I was growing up.

I’m not going to hold that fact against them because these jerseys are sick. The black on Hornet blue is such a sexy combination. Too bad that Frank Kaminsky will be wearing this. I don’t know if he has the swagger to pull it off. Spencer Hawes did it with the Clippers though, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.


New Jerseys:

Jake: I am 1000 percent in on these. I mean what could go wrong combining Drake’s fashion sense and basketball? Absolutely nothing. I mean honestly they should just redesign their logo to fit his style a little more.

That’s better.

Kofie: The Raptors will never be taken seriously as a contender as long as Drake is making these kind of decisions for the organization. However anything is better than the sleeved camouflage monstrosity they used to wear.

The fact that they added sleeves to an already existing jersey is hilarious.


Jake: I like these for a few reasons. First, no sleeves; if you can’t tell, I am not a fan of sleeved NBA jerseys. Secondly, the past few Christmas jerseys have been so mediocre that these make me happy to see them. I really like the font on these, and the fact that the Wizards may be wearing them come Christmas makes me like them even more.

Kofie: I’m going to miss the sleeves. People wear ugly Christmas sweaters during the holidays and don’t care, but when the NBA wears ugly jerseys everyone goes crazy. As with all league-wide jersey swaps, some are hit and some are miss.


Thunder: They look like their alternate jerseys. I can deal.

Blazers: With the candy cane stripe on the jersey, this is pretty festive.

Warriors: Doesn’t look stupid. The blue and cream complement each other nicely/

Wizards: Santa would totally be a wizards fan. The stripes would fit nicely.

Suns: The suns have one of the most unique colorways in sports. It’s hard to make anything they do not look cool.

Rockets: Basically any team that wears red can’t lose. The Rockets even have “rocket” stripes on the sides of the shorts. Winner.

Mavs – Reminds me of the Nash and Dirk Mavs.

Magic – Pinstripes always win.

Celtics/Bulls – The red and green holiday colors should be the most celebrated of the remodels because they are actual Christmas colors.

Hornets- The more I look at them, the more I like the stripe on the side. I wish they webbed the shorts or something though.

Neutral – These don’t stand out compared to their usual jerseys. That’s a good thing because it’s better than a miss.









Hawks: These jerseys look like the colors of Kwanzaa. The black letters are making me say this. Not a bad thing, it just doesn’t look like a Christmas jersey

Cavs: This looks like UPS challenged the Cavs to a 3-on-3  game to choose the Christmas jerseys… and WON.

Heat: These remind me of the Cavs older jerseys with the colorway.

Jake Brodsky

Jake Brodsky

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Jake started writing for The Left Bench during the spring semester of his freshman year. He is from Rockville, Maryland and loves all things sports related. He is a fan of the Redskins, Wizards, Capitals and Orioles and has been following them closely since he was young. In addition to sports, Jake enjoys photography. He is currently a freelance photographer who works mostly Maryland and local high school sports. He is a journalism major.
Jake Brodsky
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Jake started writing for The Left Bench during the spring semester of his freshman year. He is from Rockville, Maryland and loves all things sports related. He is a fan of the Redskins, Wizards, Capitals and Orioles and has been following them closely since he was young. In addition to sports, Jake enjoys photography. He is currently a freelance photographer who works mostly Maryland and local high school sports. He is a journalism major.