Terps Basketball Gets Their Midterms Back: Part I

The Maryland men’s basketball team is full of student-athletes, and as student-athletes they also get grades. Let’s give it to them with their mid-season report card.

Trevor Anzmann – C+
While Anzmann is a senior walk-on, which is no small feat as Maryland is a premier basketball program, he has done very little to steal some spotlight with Susskind and Barks, the premier bench antics men in the B1G. He also is a bit unknown to the rest of the students but we hope he can join in the festivities as the games heat up.

Spencer Barks and Jacob Susskind – B+
While Barks and Susskind, or Suss-Spence as they have dubbed themselves, can be seen coaching from the bench, they are much more known for going nuts and being the prolific bench guys when things go well. Unfortunately we haven’t had any of these yet this year, such as this gem: http://media.247sports.com/Uploads/Assets/130/22/1022130.gif. Hopefully there will be more of that to come. In addition, we are quite disappointed that the SussSpence show was canceled due to the show’s exposure of the fact that most players don’t know who the Vice President is, which forced the athletic department to take the video down. Classic stuff from some classic guys.

Varun Ram – B-
The neurobiology major has never gotten a B- in his life so let me just say it is an honor, a privilege and a little upsetting that I have to be the one to give him one. Ram has been the best of the walk-ons since he joined the team two years ago as a Division III transfer. He has played in 10 games, which is almost unheard of for a walk-on at a high-major school, and is averaging 3.5 minute per game, which usually come in at the end of the first half to prevent Melo Trimble from picking up a foul with two minutes left. While he hasn’t seen enough of the court to put up numbers, he has become a fan favorite (especially mine since we have the same high school diploma) and someone Turgeon can rely on to test the team in practice.

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Jon Graham – B
Graham, son of legendary Terps basketball player Ernie Graham, has refreshingly delivered on his expectations for this year. The word refreshingly comes to mind because it is just that: refreshing to see someone who is clearly undersized win rebounds and just annoy big-men down low with his unrelenting physical play. Graham is averaging about three rebounds per game on 12 minutes per game. It might not sound like much but Graham is even more vocal from the bench and on the court this year than last year. Graham can be seen hollering from all points and really emits a sense of pride in this program, something Terp fans haven’t truly seen from their players since Greivis Vasquez. With new boy Ivan Bender possibly coming on, Graham could see his minutes diminish. However, that could push him to play even harder in the minutes he does have, something we all hope happens.

Michal Cekovsky – B-
B- might be something a lot of Maryland fans could be scratching their heads at but here’s why: B- is not bad and it leaves a lot of room to grow, which should be the tagline to Ceko’s first semester in College Park. Ceko came in with every Alex Len comparison one could conjure up and he has proven quite different at this point in the season. It took Len about a year to realize he wasn’t going to out-body people (even though he could) and that he would outsmart them, which he did (see: whichever Plumlee he guarded). Ceko tried to outsmart his opponents early in the season but, while he did, couldn’t follow through with his tactics of going around his defender. So someone finally told him he was talented enough to bang down low and he has done just that. Ceko runs the floor well and is much more aggressive than he was in the first couple of games. However, in almost 16 minutes per game, he is only averaging just above three points and boards per game, which should definitely be higher for a player with his skill set. Nevertheless, Ceko has the most to grow of any player on this team, which is why he will be considered an NBA prospect in a year or two.

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Damonte Dodd – A-
Dodd has been head and shoulders above his expectations this year with still a decent amount of growing to do. Dodd was expected to improve this year after a quiet freshman season but has surprised everyone with his physical defensive play. Averaging nearly two blocks and five boards per game, Dodd has turned into one of the best defenders on the team and easily the best interior defender. Dodd is also one of the first big men Maryland has had in a few years that is actually 6’11″ (see: Jordan Williams “6’10”” and Chuck Mitchell “6’10””), so seeing that he is putting his height to good use is one of the main reasons he gets our first A grade. With the competition down low only getting bigger and tougher through the B1G gauntlet, expect to see what kind of player Dodd can really be.

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