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Update: Eric Assoua has committed to Western Michigan.

Eric Assoua knows he is underrated and has come to terms with it. He knows he isn’t going to get the credit he deserves, but he is still thankful for the credit he gets. As long as he is confident in his abilities, he will succeed.

And he is confident.

“I feel like if coaches were to watch my film, or if coaches were to come see me play, I would be able to show them that I’m better than half the guys they have offered already,” Assoua said.

The fact that coaches don’t always look at the film is something the Washington, D.C., resident has come to terms with. It doesn’t mean he likes it.

“People and other coaches, all they see is your rankings or your stars,” he said. “All they care about is who you are and what your name is. They don’t really care about what type of player you are anymore. They only get the information they need off their camps and combines.”

Despite his rating, Assoua is staying positive. He has four offers (Western Michigan, Toledo, Bowling Green, and Boston College,) and he is expecting more offers in the coming weeks from schools such as Maryland, Rutgers, Pittsburgh, and Nebraska.

Assoua currently attends St. John’s College High School in D.C. where he is preparing for his senior year. He is being recruited as a hybrid outside linebacker and defensive end.

At the top of his list is Maryland. Between the fans, the Big Ten, and the proximity to his home, Maryland has everything Assoua looks for in a school.

While he hasn’t spoken to the coaches at Maryland much since they mainly communicate with his coaches, he hopes for an offer.

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He says it would be great to have his family close to him and able to come to all of the games. That, along with the chance to represent the DMV is appealing to him.

With Maryland joining the Big Ten, it gives players a larger stage to play on. While it hasn’t necessarily played a large part in Assoua’s mind, he is still interested in seeing how the move works out for Maryland.

“I feel like they’re going to have a hard time at the beginning going into the Big Ten, but I also feel like they’re going to get past it. They will have to get used to the Big Ten atmosphere, but I think it will work out,” Assoua said.

Boston College is the other school at the top of the list. They were Assoua’s first BCS offer and that means a lot to him.

“Boston College is at the top and will stay at the top. They’re the ones that offered me. I’m not going to push them down the list just because other schools offer. I’m going to keep Boston College up there,” Assoua said.

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As it is Assoua’s biggest offer to date, it is the clear favorite at the moment. While they tell him he is going to make an impact, Assoua says it’s not exactly the telling that has sold it for him.

“They’ve done a good job of showing me what I’ll be able to do if I came in there my first year: what’s going to be happening, where I’m going to be playing, and the things I would be able to accomplish,” Assoua said.

The fact that they are showing how they will walk the walk instead of just talking the talk appeals to Assoua. BC coaches have shown him what kind of pass rusher he will be, played film for him, and introduced him to players, all things that Assoua liked.

The three star recruit says he would also strongly consider Pittsburgh if he gets an offer.

Football isn’t everything in life, and Assoua knows that. That’s why he has a specific idea in his head about the type of school he wants to attend.

“I’m really looking for a place that will help me be successful in life. Not everyone makes it to the NFL, so I don’t know what’s going to happen. I want somewhere that has a great education and a great team,” Assoua said.

He wants to either major in business or communications.

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His fast paced playing style is his signature. His ability to rush the passer has made teams interested and opposing quarterbacks scared.

It’s an ability that Assoua is grateful to be able to use in college. After all, football has been a huge part of his life.

“Playing football means a lot to me. It’s something I started playing when I was ten years old, and I always had a dream to make it to the NFL,” Assoua said. “I want to show kids that they can make it through to the NFL as long as they have dreams and work hard to achieve them.”

Now, Assoua has to deal with the fact that he is underrated and work towards a decision. He knows the decision and ranking will come. He just needs to give it time.

“I just learn to stay humble, and be happy with what you have. Just wait until things come to you. When you’re good you will get noticed,” Assoua said. “I know I’m on a good road.”

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Michael co-founded The Left Bench in November of 2013. He is the Business Director of the site, and he continues to write feature stories for TLB. Michael is a UMD student Class of 2016 and a New Jersey native. Don't insult Jersey. He will find you.